How much does a unit cost at Chaffey College?

How much does a unit cost at Chaffey College?

Fall 2021 All fees are set by the State of California and are subject to change without notice.

ENROLLMENT FEE In the event of a fee increase by the state legislature please refer to this page for updates. $46 per unit
COLLEGE SERVICE FEE (optional)*** $8
MATERIAL CHARGES (If applicable) VARIES (Check Schedule of Classes)

What careers does Chaffey College offer?

CTE Programs

  • Accounting/Financial Service. Administration of Justice. Art/Digital Media. Automotive Technology. Aviation Maintenance Technology.
  • Correctional Science. Culinary Arts. Cyber Security. Dental Assisting.
  • Industrial Electrical Technology. Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. Interior Design. Journalism.

Is Chaffey a 4 year college?

Four-year college representatives are often available at the Transfer Center and finally, always communicate directly with the four-year institution of interest….Major Sheets.

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Color name Type of Degree or Certificate
Orchid University Studies

Does Chaffey College offer real estate classes?

Answer: Yes, Chaffey College offers a wide selection of online classes, including several online real estate classes.

How do I change my major at Chaffey College?

Change of Major: The Chaffey College counselors are now available online in Cranium Cafe. Please click on this link and login with Canvas. You will be able see which counselors are online and available to help you.

What is the minimum GPA requirement for Chaffey College?

Other Requirements for Graduation A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (C average) in degree applicable units attempted.

Does Chaffey College send transcripts electronically?

Electronic PDF Transcripts (Additional Charges Apply) Electronic transcripts are available in PDF format through the National Student Clearinghouse and may be ordered by clicking the link below.

How do I send my transcripts to Chaffey College?

Official transcript requests can be made via MyChaffeyView. Enrollment verification requests can be made through For more information please visit our website at The Career Center is located on the Rancho Cucamonga campus in MACC-203.

How do I contact Chaffey College?

Contact Us

  1. DPS Phone Numbers. 909-652-6379 – FRONT DESK. 909-652-6393 – TTY. 909-652-6385 – FAX.
  2. Email.
  3. DPS Address. Chaffey College. Disability Programs and Services (CCE-100) 5885 Haven Avenue.
  4. Location: Campus Center East, Room 100.
  5. Hours of Operation. Monday: 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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How do I email Chaffey College?

Please contact us with any questions [email protected]

How do I access my Panther email?

To log in, visit You will need your FIU Panther ID, which is a 7 digit identification number, or your FIU username and password to access MyFIU. The first time you log on to MyFIU you will be prompted to change your password and setup your account recovery information.

How do I find my Chaffey ID?

Your ID is your first name initial and last name initial in lowercase plus your 7-digit Chaffey College ID number (e.g., Charlie Chaffey’s ID would be cc0323232). Your initial password is your 6-digit birth date in the MMDDYY format (no spaces – 081459).