How much do nurse aides make in Ohio?

How much do nurse aides make in Ohio?

Nursing Assistant in Ohio, US Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
AnswerCare Nursing Assistant salaries – 18 salaries reported Ohio, US $11/hr
Kettering Health Network Nursing Assistant salaries – 13 salaries reported Ohio, US $13/hr
National Staffing Solutions Nursing Assistant salaries – 12 salaries reported Ohio, US $24/hr

Which hospital pays Cnas the most?

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Hospital CNA Jobs Topping the list is San Jose, CA, with Oakland, CA and Tanaina, AK close behind in the second and third positions. Tanaina, AK beats the national average by $7,119 (19.4%), and San Jose, CA furthers that trend with another $7,805 (21.3%) above the $36,631 average.

How long does it take to become an Stna in Ohio?

Program Length: STNA training programs in Ohio must include a minimum of 75 hours of instruction including 59 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of hands-on training in a long-term care facility. Training programs are offered in a number of technical schools and healthcare facilities throughout the state.

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Where can I take the Stna test in Ohio?

You can find a licensed STNA program in your county by calling 614-752-8285. After successfully completing a NATCEP with an 80% or better average, the student is encouraged to schedule to take the state-administered test. The test consists of two parts, written and skills portions.

How do I get my Stna certification in Ohio?

In order to become an STNA, a candidate must pass the Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). The state of Ohio requires 75 hours of training. Of this, 59 hours are classroom time. At least 16 hours must be completed under the supervision of resident care in a long-term care facility.

How do I check my Ohio Stna score?

Test results are now available online at, click on Ohio STNA then on-line test results 2-3 days after testing with a paper test or within 24 hours with electronic testing excluding holidays and Sundays.

How many questions are on the Ohio Stna test?


What does the Stna test consist of?

The STNA state board exam is is a two-part examination: Part I, the written test, consists of 79 multiple choice questions. Part II, the skills demonstration portion, is comprised of five (out of a possible twenty-five) manual skill tasks.

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How do you get a Stna certification?

How to Become an STNA

  1. To be eligible for the certification exam you need to complete a state approved course.
  2. Once you find a convenient class that fits your schedule, apply for admission.
  3. You will normally be accepted as long as you complete the application, meet the admission requirements, and pay the course fee.

Can you get your Stna online in Ohio?

Free STNA Classes and Nurse Aide Training Courses in Ohio Others may offer STNA classes online – which would include a hybrid of online classes and in-person clinical training. Many programs also have flexible curriculums meant to accommodate differing schedules.