How much can you realistically raise your ACT score?

How much can you realistically raise your ACT score?

For the junior who takes a mock test cold, scores within the normal range for ACT and 900-1350 for SAT and then starts tutoring, a standard package of 12-16 tutoring hours usually yields 3-5 points of improvement on the ACT and 100-140 points of improvement on the SAT.

Do colleges look at your highest ACT score?

In short, no. Colleges don’t take the average of your scores. Instead, they will look at your best score; however, there are multiple ways a school can determine your best ACT score.

Do colleges see deleted ACT scores?

A map showing the states that use the ACT as part of their testing. Image via ACT State Services. Second, deleting a test record won’t do anything about scores that have already been sent to colleges. So if you had your scores sent to colleges right after you took the ACT, you can’t get those reports back.

Does Yale allow Score Choice?

Yale’s policy is designed to accommodate all high school seniors with a straightforward option: report ACT or SAT scores if you wish.