How many protons and electrons are in Mercury?

How many protons and electrons are in Mercury?

Mercury atoms have 80 electrons and 80 protons with 122 neutrons in the most abundant isotope.

How many protons and electrons does tin have?

This tin atom has 50 protons, 69 neutrons and 48 electrons.

Is Mercury a heavier element than tin answers?

Answer and Explanation: Yes, mercury is heavier than tin. Mercury and tin are both elements. To find which is heavier, you need to look at the periodic table. As the atomic…

How many protons does tin have?


What is the highest energy level for tin?

Number of Energy Levels: 5
Second Energy Level: 8
Third Energy Level: 18
Fourth Energy Level 18
Fifth Energy Level 4

What has an atomic number of 50?

The Elements, sorted by Atomic Number

Atomic Number Symbol Name
50 Sn Tin
51 Sb Antimony
52 Te Tellurium
53 I Iodine

Is tin still used?

Tin resists corrosion, making it an ideal covering for relatively cheap steel. But tin still has its uses. Tin plus the element niobium makes a superconductive metal used for wire. A tin/lead alloy is used to make solder.

Why is lithium Valency 1?

Valency of Lithium – Atomic number of lithium is 3. Its electronic configuration is 2,1. So, it needs to lose one electron to attain stability and get electronic configuration like noble gas Helium. Thus, its valency is 1.

How many electrons are in the 5 shell?

Questions and Answers

Energy Level (Principal Quantum Number) Shell Letter Electron Capacity
2 L 8
3 M 18
4 N 32
5 O 50

Which type of bond is the weakest?

ionic bond

How do atoms become happy?

Two happy atoms! When an atom gives up an electron, it becomes positive like the sodium ion (Na+). When an atom gets an extra electron, it becomes negatively charged like the fluorine ion (F-). The positive and negative charges continue to attract each other like magnets.