How many hospitals are in the Bahamas?

How many hospitals are in the Bahamas?

The public-system network includes 95 clinics and 3 hospitals. Preventive and primary health care services are provided at clinics overseen by the Department of Public Health (except in Great Bahama), while tertiary care is provided in training hospitals under the Public Hospitals Authority.

Is health care free in the Bahamas?

Free Health Care: Basic Bahamian health care is free for expectant mothers, children, civil servants and all people age 60 and over. Full Health Care Benefits: All legal residents of The Bahamas are eligible to receive full health care benefits. There are no limitations based on economic or health status.

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Does the Bahamas have good hospitals?

The Bahamas has excellent medical facilities. There is also a government-operated hospital, Grand Bahamas Health Services (tel. 242/352-6735), on East Atlantic Drive, Freeport, and several government-operated clinics on Grand Bahama Island. Nassau and Freeport/Lucaya also have private hospitals.

How much is health insurance in Bahamas?

Cost of health insurance in the Bahamas Basic inpatient only plans can cost as little as USD 54 per month, while the most comprehensive Bahamas health insurance plan with high limits and benefits can be as high as USD 1,092 monthly.

How much are property taxes in the Bahamas?

Unimproved property (vacant land) in the Bahamas is taxed at: The first $7,000 = $100. On that part of the market value which does not exceed $75,000 – 1.5% On that part of the market value which exceeds $75,000 but not greater than $500,000 – 0.75%

What is the healthcare system like in the Bahamas?

The government of the Bahamas supervises and administers the healthcare system in the country. Pregnant women, children, civil servants, and senior citizens over 60 years old have access to free healthcare. Regardless of one’s ability to pay, access to public health care services is often free of charge.

How do I finance a home in the Bahamas?

Home Loan Options The financing options in Bahamas include local banks, mortgage funds and private investors. Although they come at a higher cost, our non-bank options provide timely funding with much easier qualification than the banks.

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Can you get a loan to buy a house in the Bahamas?

Expats wanting to buy or build a home in The Bahamas will find relatively hassle-free access to mortgages from the local branches of international banks in The Bahamas. The bank offers mortgages of up to 70 per cent of homes valued at up to $2.5 million.

What is the average cost of a home in the Bahamas?

about US$3.5 million

Do you have to pay cash for a house in the Bahamas?

It is possible to buy a house in The Bahamas with cash or a mortgage, however, please note that, in the case of new construction houses, cash buyers – in particular those paying up front – may benefit from a discount on the asking price. Several reputable local banks offer mortgages to residents and foreign buyers.

What are taxes like in the Bahamas?

Income and individual taxes The Bahamas does not impose income tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax. Social security tax is payable to the National Insurance Board at 3.9% by employees and 5.9% by employers, or 8.8% for self-employed individuals, up to maximum amounts.

Is there income tax in Bahamas?

Citizens of the Bahamas do not pay taxes on income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains. The Bahamian government uses revenue from sources like VAT and stamp taxes.

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Are the Bahamas a 3rd world country?

The Bahamas is considered to be a third world country by other first world countries like USA or Canada. However, as a nation, we enjoy easy access to advanced healthcare, infrastructure, technology and a stable political environment.

What language is spoken in the Bahamas?


What country owns the Bahamas?

Who owns the Bahamas & is it a U.S. Territory? The Bahamas is an independent country. It was formerly a British Territory for 325 years. It became independent in 1973 and joined the United Nations during the same year.

How much cash can you bring into the Bahamas?

The Bahamas Parliament has enacted the Travellers Currency Declaration Act of 2014 which requires travelers to declare upon entry or exit if in possession of $10,000 or more in any currency. A “Travellers Currency Declaration Form” will need to be filled out and presented.

Are US dollars accepted in the Bahamas?

Currency and Exchange The U.S. dollar is on par with the Bahamian dollar and is accepted all over the Bahamas. Bahamian money runs in bills of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Since U.S. currency is accepted everywhere, there really is no need to change to Bahamian.

Who is on the Bahamas 1 dollar bill?

The One Dollar Banknote A watermark of Sir Lynden O. Pindling and the numeral 1 appears on the left and a map of The Bahamas in the centre.