How long are summer classes at TCC?

How long are summer classes at TCC?

10-week session

What is a dynamic session at TCC?

Dynamic classes include all courses not offered in a regular 16-, 12- or 8-week format. These courses vary by semester.

What is a dynamic session at NOVA?

A dynamic session at North Virginia Community College is a irregular session class that does not fall into the regular class schedule of 16-week sessions, or two 8-week sessions for summer, according to an explanation on the enrollment management plans of the college. Dynamic sessions are of variable duration.

Does TCC have psychology?

Psychology courses provide a foundation of understanding that helps you in any occupation or activity that involves working with others. In addition to credit courses, we host psychology clubs and special events to give the discipline a broad context.

What is dynamic dated session?

All the classes offered in that session follow the same deadline. Dynamically dated classes are much more flexible. They can begin and end on any date within the term and can be any length, e.g.., one weekend, 13 weeks, anything in between, etc.

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What is a dynamic dated session UTA?

A session called Dynamic Dated Session is associated with all three terms. This session has classes scheduled outside of the normally scheduled time periods and is used for special programs known as Academic Partnership programs.

What does dynamic dated session mean in college?

You can still schedule courses as Dynamically Dated if the course dates don’t fall within the dates of any sessions. For example, a course starting May 17 and ending June 21 would be scheduled in session 16, since its start and end dates fall within the start and end date ranges for session 16.

What does TTh mean in college?

TTh 8-9:30am, 9:30-11am, 11-12:30pm, 12:30-2pm, 2-3:30pm, 3:30-5pm. (75 minutes with a fifteen-minute interval at the end of class)

Does Tr mean Tuesday and Thursday?

TR means the class meets on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

What day of the week is tr?

Common Time Block Combinations

MWF Monday, Wednesday, Friday
MW Monday, Wednesday
TR Tuesday, Thursday