How fast can you finish an associate degree?

How fast can you finish an associate degree?

Associate degrees typically take two years or four full-time semesters to complete. A student in an online program may finish the associate’s degree in less than two years.

What is a passing grade at CPCC?

Student Grade Point Average

Grade Description
I Incomplete
P Passing*
R Repeat*
S Satisfactory

What is considered full time student CPCC?

I. For purposes of federal financial aid, a student registered for 12 credit hours or more taken during fall or spring term is considered full-time. A student taking 9 credit hours during fall or spring term is designated part-time. A student taking 6 credit hours is considered half-time.

What happens if your financial aid package is not ready before it’s time to register and pay for classes CPCC?

The financial aid package should be completed before course registration, or tuition and fees must be paid before the designated due dates. If tuition and fees are not paid by designated due dates, registration is canceled. an over-award occurs.

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Does CPCC require SAT?

email: [email protected]….Request a Waiver.

Waiver Method Documentation to Submit (Must be Official)
SAT or ACT scores SAT or ACT scores (no older than 10 years)
You are seeking special credit or are not seeking a degree approval by campus registrar, counselor, advisor, or First Year Experience

How long are CPCC summer classes?

eight weeks

Does CPCC have summer classes?

The full summer 2021 term is Monday, May 17–Tuesday, July 13, 2021 (8 weeks)….Summer 2021 Session Dates.

Term Dates
Full summer term Mon., May 17–Tue., July 13
First summer 4-week session Mon., May 17–Mon., June 14
Second summer 4-week session Tue., June 15–Tue., July 13

Are CPCC classes online?

Enroll in a Fully Online For-College-Credit Program. Complete individual online courses through Career and College Promise Dual Enrollment or Middle College. Complete individual courses as a visiting student.

Does Egcc have summer classes?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Eastern Gateway Community College today launched the “EGCC Summer Guarantee,” which will allow students to take their summer semester classes with no out-of-pocket costs, including tuition, fees and books. Summer courses begin June 1. …

How many semesters is Egcc?

two 16

Is Eastern Gateway Community College real?

Eastern Gateway Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Some programs are also accredited and/or approved by other agencies.

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Is Egcc transferable?

Students may transfer credits into EGCC. Once students are admitted to a transfer institution, they are subject to the same rights, privileges and degree requirements as native students at that institution. Students are subject to the residency requirements of that institution.

What classes does Eastern Gateway Community College offer?

Course Categories

  • Arts and Design.
  • Business.
  • Computer Applications.
  • Computer Science.
  • Construction and Trades.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Hospitality.
  • Information Technology.