How far is Boston from Concord?

How far is Boston from Concord?

16 miles

Is Salem Mass a good place to live?

Something you won’t hear about only once or twice when referring to the city of Salem is the Witch Trials that occurred there hundreds of years ago. While that is what the area is most widely known for, it is also a great place to live and have a good time.

Is living in Salem MA expensive?

Reasonable Cost Of Living However, compared to Boston, the cost of living in Salem is definitely a lot more reasonable. According to reports, the average cost for a home in Salem is $320,000, which is still more expensive than many other areas in the country – but cheap in comparison to surrounding areas.

How much does it cost to live in Salem Mass?

Salem cost of living is 123.2

Housing 168.3 100
Median Home Cost $389,000 $231,200
Utilities 106.3 100
Transportation 103 100

How far is Salem Mass from the ocean?

225.83 miles

Can you walk around Salem?

Salem is a very walkable city. To walk from the MBTA train station to the Salem Ferry at Blaney Street is less than one mile. The National Park Service Regional Salem Visitor Center to the Phillips House on Chestnut Street is just over a half-mile. The House of the Seven Gables to the Salem Witch Museum is a half-mile.

Does Salem Mass have a beach?

Located at the Salem Willows, Dead Horse Beach faces the Beverly harbor. It is one of the larger sandy beaches at The Willows and can… The Salem Willows is a scenic, seaside public park. One of Salem’s Treasures, Salem Willows is a great way to spend the day.

Is Salem MA worth visiting?

There’s no doubt Salem MA is rich in History and also has a very dark past but how worth visiting it is depends on what experience you are seeking. If your looking for the haunted, historically spooky witch town you are likely going to be very underwhelmed and also discover you are misinformed.