How do you write a good reflective?

How do you write a good reflective?

Begin with a great hook and a strong introduction. Pull the reader in without giving too much away, then provide a quick overview of the reflective topic. Next, in the body of the essay, move into the meat of the paper by describing your experiences and growth.

How do you start a reflective writing?

Introduce your topic and the point you plan to make about your experience and learning. Develop your point through body paragraph(s), and conclude your paper by exploring the meaning you derive from your reflection. You may find the questions listed above can help you to develop an outline before you write your paper.

How do you write a self reflective essay?

How Do You Write A Reflective Essay Introduction?

  1. When writing self reflective essay always use first person to express your ideas.
  2. Explain your topic in a five to ten sentence introduction paragraph.
  3. At the introduction write your thesis statement in one sentence.
  4. After the introduction is the body of your essay which should be about three paragraphs.

How do you write a reflective account?

Top tips for writing a Reflective Account

  1. What happened? What did you observe?
  2. What was your role?
  3. What issue is being addressed or population is being served?
  4. What were your initial expectations?
  5. What are you most proud of?
  6. Did you learn a new skill or clarify an interest?
  7. How can you apply this learning?
  8. Did you hear or feel anything that surprised you?

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