How do I start my first college?

How do I start my first college?

8 Tips for Students Starting College

  1. Go to Class. This is number one for a reason.
  2. Participate in Events Early on—Especially During Orientation.
  3. Don’t Go Home Every Weekend.
  4. Take Risks.
  5. Sign Up for a Class You Know Nothing About.
  6. Learn How to Say “No”
  7. Ask for Help Before It’s Too Late.
  8. Stay on Top of Your Finances and Financial Aid.

How much is a semester at San Antonio College?

Estimated Cost of Attendance Per Year 2020-2021

Tuition and Fees (based on 15 hours per semester/for two semesters) $3,112.00
Books and Supplies (based on 15 hours per semester/ for two semesters) $1,000.00
Transportation (average) $2,416.00
Personal/Miscellaneous $2,186.00
Total $11,476.00

How long does it take to get accepted into Alamo Colleges?

Please allow five (5) business days for processing. Once an application is processed, students will receive two emails – one from ApplyTexas and one from the Alamo Colleges District. The Alamo Colleges District email will include instructions and information for accessing the ACES student portal at

What is the go Faarr module?

The Go FAARR module explains the TSI Program and gives you important information about college life, the Alamo Colleges, and community resources available to help you for your journey to succeed as a college student.

Can I take classes at any Alamo college?

For step-by-step instructions for your enrollment type, visit online students and apply today! Online students taking classes on campus at any of the Alamo Colleges are required to provide proof of immunization.

How many Alamo Colleges are there?

Apply for Admission. Enroll in any of our five independently accredited colleges.