How do I find the best care facility?

Wie finde ich die beste Pflegeeinrichtung?

What is it in the selection?

The correct and personally responsive care facility must be selected from several perspective. For the Affected it is the section in the rule on the permanent stay for his last life. He deliberately, and against this Background, it should correspond, if not all, but most of the wishes and ideas.

Because it feels good for the selection is still plenty of time. The range of facilities is linked to in which Living and care are as varied as it is versatile. The future home occupant has rather spoilt for choice. He should create a check list with criteria to stages according to the three urgency””, “can” and “should” be structured. Some of this is vital; on the one or the other may be omitted, otherwise, everything is just right.

A first step leads to the health insurance and the associated maintenance Fund, and membership. Here may be specifically requested. The answers are for the optimists accordingly, it is concrete; the Pessimist would invariably say.

A good personal reference of the currently treating physician, as well as the professional care team on site. Through the often year-long mutual has developed a relationship of trust. The Strengths and weaknesses of the patient are known. They can be taken into account in the recommendations or pleading of the doctor and the nursing service.

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Who out of the known circle has good experience?

Over the years it has built up, in many cases, a circle of friends with the same interests and the same age. One or the other of them has already found a suitable care facility. His experience and contacts should be used for the own purpose. Nothing is better or more authentic than word of mouth, so the recommendation based on personal experience.

Relevant consumer events, such as senior and health fairs both Information and advice. All the providers are keen to inform visitors to the fair in a personal conversation, and to give them information. Fairs, evening events, and Workshops are a rendezvous for the eligible group of persons. Once the contacts can be in the future, deepen, and they develop very soon to a network.

A complementary source of information is the Internet with its portals and Websites. Here can be searched at any time, and surfed the Internet; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After entering some search terms, the diversity of information is so great that already now can be selected. Here, the above-mentioned check helps list, in order not to lose the red thread or a comparison site such as care assistance.

If possible, the selection is not under time pressure to meet

To select the best care facility, the time factor is crucial. The more time is available, the better and also critical and can be selected. In the sense of time can also be money, and as a permanent money savings by choosing the best care facility.

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