How do I connect Coggle branches?

How do I connect Coggle branches?

Drag any item with no text onto another item to create a join, and right-click on the branch to remove it from the context menu. Use it to create flow-charts, process diagrams, network charts and more! Creating joined or looped branches is included for free in all our plans.

How do I edit my Coggle?

The title of a Coggle diagram is always the same as the text in the central item – so to edit the title, or change the name of a diagram, just open the diagram and click the central item to edit it. It’s as simple as that!

How do you save a Coggle?

You can also export your diagram as an image, text or . mm file for use outside of Coggle, click the download icon to get started. To see the automatic saving in action open up another browser window onto the same document. You’ll see the changes appear as they’re saved!

How do you delete a text box on Coggle?

Alternatively, on a desktop device, hold either the [ctrl] or [alt] keys, and hover over the text of the item. An (X) will appear which you can click to remove it. Finally, you can also press the backspace key twice in an empty item, and it will be removed, or use the [ctrl] + [shift] + [backspace] shortcut.

How do you put a picture on Coggle?

To add an image to any item in a diagram, click on the image icon in the text editing area, then select the image to upload: A progress bar will be displayed while the image is being uploaded, then once it’s uploaded, the Markdown formatting for the image will be added to the item.

How do I download a Coggle diagram?

To download a . pdf version of your coggle, click on the download icon in the top right, then click on the big PDF document icon. It might take a couple of seconds for large diagrams, so hold tight!

How do I change the color of my Coggle?

To edit colors, click in the upper right of the corner legend to open a context menu, and select Edit Colors to open the Edit Colors dialog box.

How do you delete things on Coggle?

If you no longer need a Coggle diagram you’ve created, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon on its thumbnail in your documenst list page. The diagram will remain with an option to undo the deletion until you refresh the page, just in case you change your mind!