How do I apply to UNCW?

How do I apply to UNCW?

Students may apply online to UNCW via the College Foundation of North Carolina at This will require that you register for an account with CFNC. In an effort to protect our environment, we no longer print any paper applications.

What is transient study?

Transient Study is defined as taking courses at any other institution. (i.e., a community college, university, college, or study abroad).

How do I get my transcripts from UNCW?

If you no longer have your login information, you can retrieve it from a secure ID and PIN site. After logging into SeaNet, select the Student Services & Financial Aid tab, then choose Student Records and select Order Your Official Transcript.

How do I register for classes at UNCW?

Register for Courses

  1. You may only be able to register for courses during the registration period.
  2. Log into “Secure Login for Faculty, Staff and Students”
  3. Click on the Student Services & Financial Aid link.
  4. Click on Registration.
  5. Click on Check Your Registration Status and select the appropriate term.
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How do you get on the waitlist at UNCW?

A waitlist is available. If you would like to add your self to the wailist, please select “Waitlist” from the action menu and click “Submit Changes” to waitlist this course. This does not register you for the course. If a seat becomes available you will be notified vis your UNCW e-mail.

What happens if degree audit UNCW?

Degree Audit for Advisors Degree Works is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress towards degree completion. The system looks at the degree requirements from the UNCW official catalogue, and any coursework completed and in-progress, to produce an easy-to-read degree audit.

How do I check my degree audit UNCW?

How to View a Degree Audit

  1. Logon to mySeaPort and choose SeaNet:
  2. Click on “Faculty Services”:
  3. Click on “Submit an Audit”:
  4. Select Term in which student is eligible to register:
  5. Enter the student’s ID and click “Submit”:
  6. For either choice, to view and read the audit click on “view submitted audits”:

How do you get to Degree Audit UNCW?

Degree Audit for Students

  1. Logon to mySeaPort and choose SeaNet:
  2. Click on “Student Services and Financial Aid”: Then “Student Records”: Then “Degree Audit”:
  3. Your audit will populate in a new window:
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Which of the following steps will enable you to view your degree audit?

In the degree information next to your name at the top of the screen, the degree box has a drop-down arrow. Use this to select your second degree. Once you select this, an audit for the additional major will display.

What courses should I be taking in high school to meet entrance requirements at UNCW?

Four (4) Course Units of Mathematics Including algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and a fourth mathematics course for which algebra II was the prerequisite (typically, this may include pre-calculus, advanced functions and modeling, discrete math, college algebra, an AP- or IB-level calculus or statistics course, etc.).