How aesthetic medicine can restore life to your face ?

It is a type of medicine that brings together all of the medical acts the purpose of which is to change the physical appearance of a person. Not to be confused with cosmetic surgery, which is performed by surgeons and not doctors. It intervenes in the treatment of wrinkles and scars, hair removal on the long-term, the treatment of certain pigmentation and the removal of some tattoos.

Simple steps for the face

“Aesthetic medicine is an integral part of the course well-being,” explains the site centre of aesthetic medicine and laser hair removal to Paris. Actually, it is not here on a technical-intrusive, but a gentle and progressive, the purpose of which is to support the client in the image of his body rather than to modify the latter drastically.

Comment la médecine esthétique peut redonner vie à votre visage ?

It is a practical non-intrusive : instead of using tools to change the body, we just practice and care, the effectiveness of which is recognized for helping the patients to reach the target body for which they started the procedure. The simplest example is the mesotherapy which is the injection of a tiny amount of agents active in the skin to change gradually and cumulatively the appearance of the party concerned.

Applied to the face, mesotherapy is known as mesolifting. On the site of astuce-santé.fr they develop in particular, ” the solution to collagen injections “, which is a hugely natural, as it is inject into the body a protein already found naturally in the skin. Again, the injection is made in insignificant quantities, and which nevertheless is sufficient to be able to do away with the wrinkles emerging. A preferable method by far to have the surgery, especially after reading what follows.

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Less dangerous than cosmetic surgery

In an article of Doctissimo, they cite dr Pierre Nahon, who said, ” In surgery, the zero risk does not exist “. Actually, whatever part of the body is concerned, there is no surgery without anaesthesia, to which allergic reactions are always possible, ranging from skin rash to death

Comment la médecine esthétique peut redonner vie à votre visage ?

Also, a risk of bleeding is always present in surgery urges practitioners to ask the judgment of some of the treatments that promote the bleeding, otherwise they may refuse to perform the operation. There is also the risk related to the products set up : all that is inserted into the body can be the origin of inconvenience, by their composition, and cause serious problems in the patient.

And finally, the last risk in the list, it is the poor wound healing : how many people who wanted to improve the image of their body have found themselves burdened with an ugly scar that it is necessary to erase the laser, a practice that is going to pick in your portfolio ?

In summary

Aesthetic medicine is therefore, to finish, a method that may be less immediate, but which reveals a lot less risky than cosmetic surgery. It is also much more natural than the latter. This is the kind of medicine progressive that may just may replace the methods which have a efficient sometimes mixed and have a bad image. Who, when asked about lifting, don’t think of some lift failures of stars as seen in photo for years ?