How a bubble arises on the foot ?

A further question, which arrived via e-mail. You treated a in the summer, recurring “Problem”:

How bubbles (the feet) ?

First of all, can arise only blow on the feet, but also in other regions of the body.

By the “constant” friction (if you buy for example new shoes), is rubbing the top layer of skin from the other layers of the skin, to a small hollow space between the layers of the skin. This cavity is filled with the body’s own tissue water, which bulge the top skin, so that a people known as the “bubble”.

What bubbles ?

Bubbles are one of the Body’s protective defense against pressure and friction from the outside to the (human and animal) skin.

The main causes of the generation of Bubbles

In General, most of the bubbles caused by friction.

This friction can come, for example, by the wearing of new shoes. Furthermore, stones or lint as well as a wrinkle in the sock for a constant friction. Sweaty feet to accelerate the emergence of a bubble immensely.

But not only shoes are to blame: the guitar players also complain often about blisters on the fingers. To blame here are the strings of the fine or coarse guitar. By the collision of the fingers with the strings, friction and / or pressure peaks.

How should you treat a blister ?

It is safest to keep a bubble is closed. One often hears and reads that you should be a bubble by means of a fine needle prick and expressions. This one should fabricate but only on your own responsibility, because through the little hole, bacteria and germs under the skin, and thus in the neighboring layers of the skin. The consequence can be a severe inflammation or even blood poisoning.

It has a bubble, so it is recommended to a blister band-aid on it to stick. The wound is pleasantly padded and possibly germs protected. To whom should this take too long, in the pharmacy, extra bubbles, balm and tincture, which speeds up the healing of a bubble. The effectiveness, however, is very controversial.

How can you prevent the formation of bubbles ?

When buying new shoes, you should make sure that the toe and the hoe have enough space, but still stuck. New shoes should be registered, so that the Material can by the Shoe adapted to the foot. Socks should not also be too large and no wrinkles. In addition, the feet should be well ventilated, so that this starts the sweating.

Against blisters on the fingers, if necessary, help gloves to play the guitar, however, very impractical ? Here to prove you used a Plectrum, or trained the Finger slowly but Surely on the guitar strings. The more you play, the faster the fingers get used to it.