home remedies for pain: cherry stones and tea

Some of the home remedies used the grandma successful: For example, a cherry stone cushion to help with headaches and Nausea.

Even today, not all of the complaints with the drugs from the pharmacy treated: Because this help often rapidly against the pain, but can also have unwanted effects. Prior to the application of a natural Agent, it is important to know the possible causes of evil diseases. In the case of pain in the head and stomach, can help these home remedies without side effects:

Help for headaches

Many headaches have various reasons, such as, for example, muscle tension or change in the weather. Some of them also arise from Overload.

Two glasses of water to drink: This is a first aid measure for tension-type headaches. Thereafter, a heated cherry stone pillow in the back of the neck, because the heat acts in tension anticonvulsant. Pepper mint or Basil, as the Oil on the temples applied, brings additional relief. Also the Rubbing of the temples with a non-treated lemon peel can help.

Help with abdominal pain

In the case of slight bloating and cramps, caused by too much or the wrong food, it can calm a tea from caraway the stomach. Useful a cherry pit pillow that is heated in the microwave. Placed on the tummy, the heat, the cramps more bearable: The cherry stone cushion to help against diarrhea, as well as black tea without sugar, but with a bit of salt as an encore.

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If the opposite is the case, so there is no appetite, or just a little fancy, the food is maybe a tea from ginger a little improvement. A soup of potatoes can also soothe the stomach and to regain the joy of eating back.

Another Alternative is tea made from anise, chamomile and coriander, to ease the pain: Ten minutes of “pulling”, then the tea can unfold its full effect.