home Help : highlight your best features

References and recommendations are needed to find clients and employers. But in addition to that, it is advisable, when working independently, to have an internet site. Home helps are no exception to this new rule : to “sell” in this field, a website is an effective ally.


You have decided to put you to your account. After a period in which the requests have been many, you get to a certain stagnation. This is the time to create and launch a website dedicated to your business home-help. The benefits you will reap are many. A site is a constant promotion of your business, especially if it is well referenced. You’re as well assured to have regularly, if not constantly, at least one user, somewhere in France, which is in the process of the visit. A website is also a business card in detail, as well as a CV are accurate. In addition, it increases your credibility by establishing a close relationship with the potential customers. With time, this site will bring you new customers and new business opportunities.

Other means available

The website is the basis of your approach to develop your business to your home. It would be an error, however, you rely entirely on the visibility that it offers. Multiply the efforts on the ground in order to make you know. Drop business cards and your CV in rest homes, hospitals, retirement homes, but also at the town hall. If the city where you reside is home to associations for the 3rd age or for individuals who were victims of a determined pathology, which reduces their capacity for self-reliance, do not hesitate to contact us. Also do volunteer work in clubs, senior citizens for example. Pharmacies also can recommend you to their clients.

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Juggling virtual

Before last point, use the social networks for leisure and professional by creating profiles and pages. All will carry a link to your site of using at home. Finally, create a parallel blog where you will provide comprehensive recommendations as well as tips for access to the profession and to the exercise thereof.