Holistic methods of healing – an Alternative to the classic handle is in the medicine closet

Holistic methods of healing – an Alternative to the classic handle is in the medicine Cabinet

With increasing age, the list of drugs that need to be taken grows. Remedies for high blood pressure, Diabetes, cholesterol or diseases of the eye, to day-to-day help against the complaints. And the Suffering in old age, usually not less. In addition, the Medikamentenmix can also cause side effects. Many agents, as in our previous articles mentioned, are now on the PRISCUS – list. Consequently, the exploration of alternative healing methods is at least an Alternative. We know from experience from a nationwide care service HUMANIS that many of the alternative methods, the promise of relief, before resorting to prescription drugs.

Alternative medicine is already common method

In old age, there are limitations, be it in mobility or mental state. The biological age does not always correspond to your own Perception. In order to feel better again, something has to be done. According to studies, three out of four people today already over 50 alternative healing methods.

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Some of the methods can actually help to improve the quality of life and to ease physical discomfort. Over half of the population and many Doctors use them as a complement to conventional medical procedures.

The most common treatment options

Holistic methods of success are also particularly promising. Just because a new stage of life, such as, for example, the start of Retirement, leads to many changes and big cuts in life. Each person reacts differently.

Classical Natural Healing Methods:

The classic natural remedies take a holistic approach and include, in addition to other areas, the nutrition and the emotional environment. In addition is achieved through a comprehensive exercise therapy, physical Fitness or promoted, and the soul is stabilized. A popular method is the hydro therapy, which brings also the circulation going again here.


This treatment is one of the oldest healing methods in the world and originally comes from China. To Chinese medicine, Moxibustion (the heating of specific points), nutritional therapy, Massage (Tuina) and therapeutic exercise (Tai-Chi and Qigong) in addition to the acupuncture. Also be used for healing, plant, animal as well as mineral substances.

Classical homeopathy

Usually, the Patient is explained to the medical practitioner for his complaints. The symptoms are analyzed, and then the right homeopathic medicine is administered. Although the effect is not scientifically proven, helps homeopathy to many people.

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Advanced Procedures

Yoga, autogenous Training and progressive muscle relaxation to advanced natural healing methods and are suitable due to their gentleness also for older people to relieve emotional blockages or physical complaints such as back pain.

Adriano Pierobon from the nationwide care service says: “The natural healing methods often provide a good complement to the conventional medicine. Often with small means a clear improvement of the complaints can be caused, instead of being equal to commercially available drugs. However, it is to be careful how hard a disease and it is important to accurately assess which treatment is necessary. Classical naturopathic treatment not spare a visit to the doctor, especially, if the Patient is in a potentially life-threatening condition. The combination of conventional medicine and natural remedies, or so-called home remedies, however, is for the first Complaint, the relief is quite an Alternative: Before you shoot with cannons on sparrows…“

What are the herbal helper and home remedies for small ailments relief you can gain, read in the next article in our HUMANIS-Blog.

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