History grapefruit

At this time, the fruit mode is the grapefruit. Eat 5 fruits and vegetables guys ! Yes but in the end, the grapefruit is to be avoided for any patient or person taking a treatment. Some warn that he should banish it from your diet !

The grapefruit, the big thing acid there ?

However, the ministry of health told us to eat fruit ! Especially when we are told that the grapefruit is full of vitamin C and antioxidants, so why now we back machine ?

So yes, what you think and what you say is true. But it is valid for all the young and the less young among you, not taking medications, which is the case when even millions of French (even if it is known that it is a country of large consumers). The history of the grapefruit that is hazardous to health is aimed primarily at people taking the drugs, because grapefruit potentiates the effects of the drug or the mixture of grapefruit/drugs that can be dangerous for the health.

What are scientists to the origin of the “chaos of the grapefruit,” which have made observations for many years, some pharmacists are aware of the last 20 years (it seems, to confirm) and thus reveal this information now in the press. Wow, you were in the roadstead of serious subject matter in Tf1 ?

And the list mess ? Ah yes, for those arriving on the blog as seeking to know what medications are not recommended with this grapefruit, here it is. And the quinté winner is : tranquilizers, immunosuppressant, calcium channel blockers, statins (the thing against cholesterol ladies) and… that’s It ?

But does it make me come if I take my medication with my grapefruit ? Nothing serious madam, just tremors, muscle destruction, hemorrhage, output of which does not know where ! The all, sometimes to the death.

Now, you know everything. Now it is like everything, if you read the instructions, you have ” sometimes “, “rarely” or “very rarely” these side effects… well, the lab covers ! In the meantime, some hospitals no longer serve grapefruit. Tell you that this is when even years that you take your medicine and your grapefruit, so the end of the world is not close. In case of doubt, consult your doctor and ask him on my part what so grapefruit should I avoid ? Pink, chinese, etc…