High burden in the elderly solution for 24 hours care?

High stress in elderly care: a nurse in the Old – and nursing are even more often sick and suffer from particularly high pressure. A new study of company health insurance funds, which was published in the BKK health Atlas 2017. More than 20 percent of the old nurses feel their work is physically and psychologically endangered. The overall average for all occupational groups in the case of this question, only a fraction amounted to 4.4 percent of the price. In many homes, the measures for occupational health promotion. Not even half (43 percent) of the respondents stated that in their operations such offers exist.

This high load results, the nursing professionals in the area of health and care are sick more often than other occupational groups. You are to lead the investigation into many categories and are well above the average: The majority of sickness absence days, most of the muscle and skeletal disorders, most mental disorders, and the resulting AU-day are, respectively, a top score in their category. Especially in the age of the care workers are vulnerable and can be written on average more than twice as often sick, like all employees, a total of (43,3 days to 16.3 days).

The reasons for the enormously high loads are apparent. A third of all employees in nursing have a fixed-term employment relationship. The study itself looks at the high level of absenteeism of temporary part-time workers as evidence for the health effects of precarious employment relationships have to be considered. And this inference is clear: nurses have a major responsibility for people in need of assistance, suffering from ever-growing personal savings to your employer and have to worry always about their own future.

Hohe Belastung in der Altenpflege – Lösung 24 Stunden Pflege?

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Anyone who works in a retirement or nursing home, often suffers from a very high pressure. © Paul-Georg Meister /

24-hour care relieves family members and homes

Jacura 24-hour care nursing staff from Eastern Europe in the context of the 24-hour care in German households, the use of the care-giving family members. Among the tasks of the 24-hour care, General care, Take care of household tasks or appointments that Accompany it. This assistance is for the care of Relatives essential – according to a study by the Hans Böckler Foundation showed but it was not until recently that the members suffer from a large work load.

Conversely, we need to pay attention to as an Agency but also to the fact that the us-mediated nurses and nurses to be treated fairly. This includes compliance with working time limits and the statutory minimum wage, but also a reasonable payment, and must be of the correct payment of social insurance contributions, for the A1 form issued. We take this responsibility very seriously and to ensure, through the constant exchange with the nurses, the households and the employers in the country of origin of care to ensure that the basic conditions for a fair employment relationship are always guaranteed.

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We are not able to improve the working conditions in nursing homes. We can, however, concerns the fair treatment of the support forces and the protection of their rights, the recognition and appreciation is given to the you have earned. This is true not only for service providers like us or the nursing homes, but for our society as a Whole. In the light of demographic change, the work of the old nurses will always be valuable. If we don’t teach this value, and then exploit as cheap labour, will find this really beautiful and important profession in the future, enough students who want to pursue it. And this lack of skilled workers affects not only industry, but all of us!