Hey er, spin me a stamp !

I told myself that this was a moment that I had not seen it, but she came back.

We received a young girl of 19 years old, pregnant 2 months, coming to a slight malaise vagal this morning and vomiting. When you’ll receive the pattern, you say to yourself : “bah yes she is pregnant what.” Yes, but it is in the er, we used to replace medical doctors. There is not an emergency, it patient an hour. Once my box free, I’m leaving, the look on his stretcher… Never also understood why there was consistently people on a stretcher, especially her. She asks me direct if I am the doctor, I wanted to answer him : “You have already seen a doctor push a stretcher ? “

Once installed, it asks in how long it is going to come the doctor. I forgot also that the emergencies were the fast food of the health. I tell him it will arrive in 2 minutes as in 15 minutes, you never know if between the two a emergency most important point. I had barely taken my place on my records with the doctor that comes to see us to tell us that she wants to go. Already ?! But why are you coming then ? The doctor, knowing that she had nothing, and not seeking to discuss, responds to him no problem but she will have to sign a release. The time of the printing of the paper was too long for this young lady impatient. After signing, she asked if we could give him a stamp. A seal of what ? The doctor refuses, it does not give a stamp without having been tested. She will ask for more several times, as if she had not listened to the answer. No, but remember, if it comes, we take, we leave again. The fast-food of health.

Once, out of curiosity, I re-opened his old files. Since 2015, she had come 4 times. The first 2 times it was a party without a care, and for the last, she had accepted a consultation where the doctor will eventually write : “in fact, just wanted to make a pregnancy test “. These people are recurring, and we get tired. After you wonder why sometimes one is saturated, or that it takes a long time for certain things, simply because we is to free-ride.

And what kind of person will come back. She will come back, too.