Help others with the gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is an approach to psychoanalysis different from that used commonly. While the version of freudian axis sessions on the why of trauma, Fritz Perls focus his research on how to live with the trauma.

As has been said by the writer Henry Drummond, ” the happiness is to give and to help others “. It is in this approach that is practiced gestalt therapy.

Presentation of the gestalt

Nothing is used for to stir the past, it is necessary to know to move forward. And with the gestalt, you are guaranteed to achieve this result. Unlike Freud, Perls thought of an analysis less deep caring for what appears on the surface of the situations.

This version of the psychotherapy allows for the development of emerging form in the here and now, in the I-thou. If the patient attempts a leak in the future or the past, it is perceived as a resistance to the meeting.

This therapy focuses a lot more on the nonverbal than on the verbal, because the non-verbal communication is less subject to deception. This is why the sessions are also punctuated with creative exercises.

Basic principles of therapy gestalt

In practicing the gestalt, the therapist is not there to explain things to his patient, but, on the contrary, to give him the chance to understand and discover by himself.

Try to interpret the words of the patient is an error to avoid in gestalt, because it would suggest to the patient that the therapist is able to better understand the patient itself. In doing so, the therapist can prevent the patient to discover by his own efforts. The patient must be able to discover its own values, its own style to be at peace with himself. These basic principles allow the patient to develop his or her best to be at meetings and be at peace with her trauma by the end of his journey therapeutic.

The gestalt therapy techniques in family

The therapy Gestalt is useful for all situations. You can follow a training at the gestalt, it is in particular proposed by There may be individual sessions, couples and families. The objectives, in these last two cases, are to better understand the relationship of the couple, to better manage the conflicts of couple or family. She also learns to communicate better with those around them, while being understood and heard.

Family therapy lasts about an hour. The therapist will work according to the dynamics of the family.

The first appointment will act as the contact between the family and the therapist.

Each member of the family who will attend the sessions to explain the reasons of his presence, and the therapist explains his way of working.

As well, a great confidence-will be made for the proper conduct of the next sessions. During the sessions, exercises can be put in place in order that each understands the other.