Hello, I’m Sören!

Hello, I’m Sören!

Hello, I’m Sören!“Hello, I’m Sören!” – The blog action by the nursing blogger.

Since the age of 15. In June 2010, the action “Hello, I’m Sören is” in full swing. If somewhat “slow”, but it is extremely entertaining and above all informative. Who has always played with the thought to work in the field of health or social care, should follow this blog action regularly! On this page you will learn/ you will learn everything you need to know to travel by Sören.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

many people do not even know what Workers in the care and healthcare industry as well as the related areas of the profession, everything (must). That is why we have called our blog the action to life, which gives an insight into our professional life. In addition, the action is thought of equally as a reconnaissance attempt for students and trainees, to be able to give you a picture of the various occupations and to reduce it, perhaps, the health-care crisis a little.

Hello, I’m Sören!A picture says more than a thousand words!

The action is as follows: Sören, our cuddly sheep/ mascot, goes as an Ambassador to travel and visited a variety of professional fields. Photos are to be taken, which will show the typical daily work flow. To match the photos of each Job of a Reporter (or host for Sören) writes write a small article about his career and the curious sheep visit. The article will be published on (with Link to your Homepage / Weblog) as a guest post or mention of the “viewers” can see at any time where Soren is and what he is experiencing (has). Of course, it is possible that you post your article (as well) on your own website.

Sörens previous experiences

Our mascot is a man on the come in the world of health and Care services. These are his positions:

  1. Sören as a care consultant at care consulting Aachen
  2. Sören as a medical editor at the GmbH
  3. Sören as a mobile nurse at the ambulatory care service Wagner
  4. Sören as a pharmacist in the Enz pharmacy from the bathroom torrent
  5. Sören as a care-giver at the children’s care network in Berlin
  6. Sören as a music therapist at music on wheels
  7. Sören as a consultant for Corporate health management at Hannah knight
  8. Sören as an editorial assistant in the publishing house academic consortium

These are really great insights into the different occupational fields. They help the care of the bloggers and especially Soren, still a lot to discover New.

And where is the catch? The participation cost anything?

There is no hook and the action is associated only with a very low cost: more Precisely, it is only the postage charges which would be incurred to Send the package to the next recipient and back to the care blogger. And of course there is a need for some time, if you show Soren the own world of work, 2-5 photos, snaps and, of course, a post writes, what it has to offer, the professional Great and how the daily work looks like. The care of the bloggers would be happy if many more companies and the self-employed would report to welcome Soren as a guest.

If you want to yourself or your colleagues to participate in such a hands-on action, I am pleased to receive your eMail: [email protected] All of the previous photos on this Blog can be found here: photo album – Hello, I’m Sören!