health Minister Spahn wants to fix the shortage of staff through the use of foreign labor

The Minister of health Spahn wants to fix the shortage of staff through the use of foreign labor

Their degrees to be recognized, to resolve the yawning care gap. HUMANIS wonder who that helps.

According to the daily show ( are currently in the care of 36,000 vacant Posts, and even this number must not vote, as there are often vacant positions are not reported (lt. German Pflege-Thermometer 2018). The mass of Vacancies is mainly the care for the elderly. In the care of the elderly in our country there are currently, at least with regard to the reported Figures of 15,000 missing professionals and 8,500 missing helper. Crucial reasons for this is the shortage of skilled workers and the declining quality of the applicants for this occupation ( ).

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Under current conditions it is for nurses more and more difficult to stay in your nursing and humanistic claim loyalty, because for the psycho-provided social care for the patient from the care of funds, no compensation.

100 Vacancies only 21 job-seekers. The market is virtually empty, and of course of the health seeking the Minister for solutions. Now you can say, of course, poor care is better than none. But as the immediate programme of the coalition and the hiring of 8,000 nurses, if the 36,000 missing, also jumped to this approach. Not for nothing is the nursing training in Germany, high quality and comprehensive. If you can not or a little German, speak with a stopper not adequately trained personnel, from our point of view, a rather poor solution. Because here it is not simple to ll open positions. It is about people. Old and Sick, without a Lobby. Clearly, there are in the European Union, highly trained nurses (bachelor level). This will not, however, come to the current conditions to Germany.

Maintain without talking is difficult. Whoever speaks, is already engaged in

Plug holes! Exactly this is the case of this proposal. We take the time grandma Ilse from Saxony. You wait all day to nurse because she’s not coming alone out of the house. The visit of the Nurse or of the nurse is so over long distances the only social contact of the day. And then what happens? Someone comes, with the you can not replace the diagnosis and wish to understand the can change not a nice word with her and a rarely better education. Already, even small accents often make the threshold of guards to provide to older people and reduce understanding of what is being said. A Problem, because under the circumstances of these things (over-)life is important. It’s not just about the bare Supply: It is a matter of mutual understanding, trust, and a profession that requires dedication and empathy. How to create a nursing force, which is overwhelmed with the mere understanding of our not easy to learn a mother language?

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Add to this that it is not unlikely that the joy of work, the new nurse will keep in the boundaries: often they come as temporary workers and are paid less. Whom the frustration hits? The Old and the sick. All in all, so, again, a “solution”, which will be held on the shoulders of the Weakest.

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General