health-care crisis with quantitative solution

Anyone who has read in the last days of the newspaper or the news has followed, is sure to have noticed that our top ladies and gentlemen want to take care of, apparently, the “care crisis”. But not quite as desired as many industry-experienced would like.

MS Merkel seem to have come on the great idea that, in Germany, around 2.2 million Harz4 recipients of life, which are in the working age and to motivate them for sure easily would be to master a new challenge and to work in the care. Nevertheless, Mrs Merkel makes it (in my opinion) to easy. it assumes that EVERYONE can maintain. But why you need then a 3-year training feeder care professional ? We are looking for finally, not a nursing assistant, but professionals. It is a professionals-lack of Mrs Merkel in Germany!

In addition, I wonder if now X-thousands of people would start a nursing training. Who would pay for these ? Finally, the promotion of the 3-year nursing training was 31. December 2010, tilted ?!

Yesterday Ulf had written a nice letter to our Chancellor.

Hats off and many thanks!

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