health-care crisis in Germany – Dedicated nursing staff is now in great demand

“In the network of care mafia” is the name of the first book of Claus Fussek and Gottlob Schober of 2008. The two authors devote themselves, in a kind of writ, the abuses in German nursing homes. Now, 5 years later, look at the Situation again.

Pflegenotstand in Deutschland – Engagiertes Pflegepersonal ist jetzt besonders gefragtWhat has changed? Has something changed? The Situation has improved? The answer of Fussek and Schober is: no! After five years the two authors have written a second book. Title: “It is enough. Also old people have rights“.

As before, the maintenance situation in many homes is catastrophic. The residents are often treated poorly, the staff is understaffed and overworked. Reason enough for the authors-Duo 20 fundamental and human rights for old people in need of care to formulate. Here, the banal demands, such as sufficient food and Drink, or the right to the aisle to the toilet. What appears to be so, of course, is unfortunately still common in some German nursing care facilities – nursing emergency par excellence.

Care-TÜV – now comes the breakthrough?

At least one of the claims from “In the network of care mafia” was implemented in the Form of the care-Tüv. At least in principle. The implementation is not that what they had been under a regular, independent and, above all, unannounced control. And so in a sense, it was also a good basic idea of seamless method, which controls the documentation of the homes. How the reality looks interested in the care-TÜV. Many of the homes have achieved the best grades, even when the home everyday life, and promoted the other. The weighting in the evaluation of the results was not traceable. So, it is sufficient, for example, if a home indicates that wounds treated according to the current medical Standards in order to achieve a good result. The Hamburg health scientist Johannes Möller has examined the staff and found that there is enough there, where it really matters, usually, if a home meets the minimum standards.

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Pflegenotstand in Deutschland – Engagiertes Pflegepersonal ist jetzt besonders gefragtThe criticism of the care-TÜV for years is devastating – and yet has done hardly anything. Since the 20. January 2014 there is a revised version of the care-Tüv. Some points to be more in focus, and to a greater extent a rating of brought and top grades are not awarded so easily. Overall, the assessment was reduced arc of 82 individual criteria to 77. Also, the weighting of the samples to be different.

However, even the revised Version has a very poor approval and little enthusiasm by critics. Eugen Brysch, the Executive Board of the German Foundation for patient protection, criticised the fact that the Changes bring no real improvements. In his eyes, abuse in care facilities will not be revealed still, but covered up. Its call is a new care-TÜV approved with the participation of patient representatives.

The nursing staff is important and in demand as never before

The health-care crisis but also has some Good – if one can say so. The existing Emergency makes inventive. In addition to the attempts by the policy to find a solution for the existing Problem, there are smaller companies and homes, create new concepts and patients and their families ways to take good care and get well.

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Therefore, it is still imperative that there continues to be plenty of motivated and committed young professionals find their way in the care. The Everyone group has created an info graphic. This shows once again the benefits of working in the care and the current circumstances of the care at a glance.

Pflegenotstand in Deutschland – Engagiertes Pflegepersonal ist jetzt besonders gefragt Source: The nursing shortage – Why it pays to work in the care sector

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