guide: the right shoes in the nursing profession

Ratgeber: die richtigen Schuhe im PflegeberufWalking, standing, running – most of the nurses spend a large part of their professional lives. Often you per day a distance of several kilometers, and you get to feel: pressure and joint pain, swelling, or inflammation, of bunion, toe and heel are usually the first recognizable symptoms of an Overcharge.

To take this and is not treated, it can draw long-term serious health consequences and even cause permanent foot deformities, back pain, or even bone and joint wear and tear, which needs to be dealt with in the worst case, surgery. This profession-specific health risk should counteract nurses, therefore, by the choice of a suitable and high-quality footwear.

The ideal work Shoe

But how best should look Shoe for the care sector, and what characteristics should he bring? First and foremost, you should make sure that the shoes in the area of the front of the foot are closed. This is particularly important in order to minimise the everyday risks of injury in the profession. This includes, for example, crushing by wheelchairs and care beds, or wounds by dropped needles and other sharp objects.

Other important criteria above all, a flat heel, a lightweight cushioning for pressure relief and a good fit of the Footbed.

Ratgeber: die richtigen Schuhe im PflegeberufBecause the shoes are worn over a long period of time at a stretch, you should also make sure that they are breathable, because sweaty feet are not a health risk, but nevertheless an avoidable inconvenience. For hygienic reasons, shoes should be also made of an easy-to-clean Material such as, for example, rubber.

More Info

By the way: The right footwear can even be in the legal sense relevant. Thus, the transfer of patients is to perform a process, the nurses sometimes several times a day. In order to have a firm Stand, must have the shoes about a real profile, and slip resistant. It comes to accidents due to a lack of stability, in which patients come to harm, so that you can have for the nurse in the worst case even legal consequences.