guide “care-optimised Housing”: focus bathroom

Ratgeber „Pflegeoptimiertes Wohnen“: Fokus BadezimmerSafety and comfort are at the age-appropriate Housing in the first place

The bathroom needs make

In particular, specific to the needs of older people and people with physical limitations made bathroom tags facilitate the daily care of the body and preserve the self-reliance. What is remodeling and what is important to note at the time of their execution, declared the following article.

Many of the classic bathrooms are fitted with narrow doors. When age-appropriate, however, must be a good accessibility of the area ensures the Living. Possibly a Walker or a wheelchair through the door frame must fit. The clear door opening width and height for the age-appropriate bathroom for the regulation DIN 18040-2. Thereafter, the door width must be at least 80 centimeters. It is recommended that a sliding door, since it is easy to operate and the risk of falling is minimized.

On non-slip flooring care

Bathroom tiles are often slippery, especially in wet condition. Such floor coverings must be replaced. Non-slip tiles, moisture resistant, non-slip Laminate or synthetic flooring are a good Alternative, especially since they are just as easy to clean as tiles.

The settle Down on the toilet and the Stand up of the same falls the elderly particularly hard. An increased toilet bowl, the is purchase as a stand model of relatively cheap, suitable as well as a toilet seat raiser. A new front-wall installation is to be made, is attached to the toilet bowl.

Handles provide older people with security. Wear but weight is also a part of the body, especially when getting Up from the toilet or from the shower chair. It should be exclusively designed for this, and with a TÜV seal is provided with handles to be used. When Attaching to the wall to the specifications of the manufacturer are to be observed. After all, the handles must withstand large loads.

Safety in the shower grant

In the shower, a particularly non-slip surface should be used. Here the risk of falls is highest. A shower tray is used, it must be a anti-slip Mat. A deeper entry minimizes the risk of Tripping. Many older people find it much easier to the care of the body in a Sitting position. A shower chair, or a wall-mounted folding seat are useful tools.

Not only when the patient case is entered, is difficult for older people to Get into the bath frequently. Helpful a bath seat. If you want to enjoy a special comfort, chooses a walk-in bathtub, which is equipped with a door. Such models are a compromise between a shower and a bathtub and is therefore particularly space saving.

A good illumination of the bathroom ensures a good view. Ideally, the distribution of illuminants in different ways. As a basic lighting, a ceiling lamp is used, it facilitates the orientation in the bathroom. This can be a warm light. On the bathroom mirror, Spots or LED should have a cold light lights produce, as this allows for the precise Work. So you want to be able to recognize, for example, in the case of the facial and hair care, and Makeup Details. Also when dealing with nail scissors, good visibility must be ensured.