Great skin, just as the glacier man, Ötzi!

A new cosmetic product range had logged in the last days””. More specifically, a line of cosmetics to human skin. Women should like this cosmetic is the place to be to rejuvenate the skin. This is not supposed to happen like magic, but of valuable minerals from the similaun glacier..

In 1991, one of the most famous finds of the German science was in South Tyrol discovered: The “glacier man” Ötzi.

On an excursion to the glacier caves, they found a fine Sand, which was analyzed in the laboratory. After that, it has been proved that this Sand consider, among other things, “mica schist” from the Depths of the glacier, leg. This represents, together with some other materials, the new product line. According to the advertising, cosmetics, tired skin and give elasticity and vitality.