Good colleagues, good work


When I had finished my training almost, the question of where I’m going after work. I was clear from the beginning that I would apply hate to be “blind” to a Station. For fresh professionals, as well as for experienced nurse the opportunity to sit in on stations, to reorient, or to make an impression, which is a great thing.

However, I need more time to see if a Station likes it or not. It comes to me not only to the specialist in the direction of, the hospital, the position or the pay. To me it is mainly about the Team.

While training to be a nurse in the Asklepios clinic Wandsbek, I went through almost all of the stations, had a deep insight into all the departments and learned, of course, the Teams know well.

Everywhere you are cooking with water

A lot of colleagues on my work Station either by the way, also on other stations or have learned in your career other stations. “You cook all with water,” I heard from all of them. There are definitely differences in terms of structure and process quality and therefore also the result. But after closer inspection, each Station has its Strengths and weaknesses.

They cook all with water, a good quality of the ingredients makes the soup but for me, tasty. There is a need of an experienced cook, this to choose good ingredients to process them properly and to prepare, so that you can make a delicious soup.

The right colleagues to select, the fit in the Team, and you qualified health care and to help nurses, in a good ward management. The mutual support in the Team and the self-commitment of the Individual is a confirmation of the right decision.

The courage to change

If I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my Team, I would sit in as long as and to the Station switch, until I’m satisfied. I have a lot of health and a nurse met that are actually on your Station to be dissatisfied, but nothing change. Maybe a change is in such a Situation, to discover the joy of the work and the care. Because The ingredients make the soup!

Photo: Fotolia / spotmatik photo