Good care of replaced pills and pain


In many situations, nursing interventions are more meaningful and more efficient than drugs and medical interventions. They are for patients, and lead to greater satisfaction. In addition, nursing measures to engage less in physiological processes in the body as, for example, drugs. And thus, there are less unwanted side effects.

Shortness of breath

In our increasingly aging society, in addition, like Smoking, are diseases of the respiratory tract are widespread. Lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or pneumonia (lung inflammation), often with severe dyspnea (shortness of breath). Patients are then extremely restless, air needed and greatly stressed. A crisis on the basis of these complaints is a serious emergency. In this case, medications such as cortisone, morphine, metoclopramide (MCP) and oxygen are very helpful and can prevent the worst from happening.

A good observation of the Patient, and timely, regular prophylaxis can prevent such emergencies. This includes, for example, that you take five minutes of your time and the patients in the morning before the care of the body, or in the evening before Sleep for a respiratory stimulating offers at the end of embrocation (ASE). In the process, help to the patient in an upright and comfortable Position, and used for the ASE is an Active Gel or a Lotion. The bends not only crises before and saves the patients may need medication, but promotes the well-being and also strengthens the relationship of the nurses to the patients.

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There are very many patients, which can move due to their disease. It is an essential nursing task to help patients with mobility. This includes, for example, to sit in a chair or in bed otherwise. Why is it so important? The answer is: pressure ulcer risk. Pressure ulcer is a skin defect due to a lack of blood flow to the skin with a long pressure. In clinical practice this means that patients who cannot mobilize themselves, to get support, to position at least every two hours otherwise. This is one of the most time-consuming tasks of a caregiver. If the nurses appreciate this danger, note, or simply due to lack of time and personnel to come to this, suffer the patients. They develop in a few hours, dangerous wounds, which represent a major source of infection. The Bad thing is that these skin defects to attack the pain receptors and thus, the warning signals of the body to incapacitate.

The systematic skin inspection and care, through sickness and health carers urgently needed. This is carried out thoroughly every day and the immobile patients be repositioned every two hours, and saves the care of the patient, a large, life-threatening complications.

These aspects of care are, unfortunately, underestimated by many. About the dangers of this, all patients and relatives should be informed. The decubitus and penumonie prophylaxis are among the main topics in the theory and practice of nursing. Because good prophylaxis has a lot to do with “Pro” and little to do with “salmon”.

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