God the nurse made

Than the love God created the nurse, he made already the sixth day working Overtime. An angel appeared and said; “Lord, you put it but a long at this figure!”

The love God replied. “Have you seen the long list of special requests on the order? You should be as a woman and a man available to disinfect maintenance-free and easy, but not plastic, you should have nerves of steel and a back that allows you to unloading, always so petite that you can feel in a lot of small service rooms. You must be able to do five things at the same time and should always have a Hand free.“

The angel shook his head and said; “Six hands, that’s hard!” “The hands make me no headache,” said the love God, “but the three Pair of eyes, which should already have the standard model: a Couple of the night through all the walls to see can, a night, two stations can take care of the guard, a second Pair in the back of the head, you see what you want to in front of her hide what she needs to know but not necessarily – and, of course, the can a here in the front, so you can view the home’s residents, and he suggests: I understand you and am here for you, without the need to speak a word.“

The angel tugged him lightly on the Sleeve, and said; “Go to sleep, Lord, and power to you tomorrow.” “I can’t,” said the love God. “I have already done, that you will almost never get sick, and if so, then you heal yourself. You can understand that ten double rooms can mean 40 residents, but ten characters are often forces of only five Care; she is joy in a profession that demands everything and is poorly paid, you can live with a swing layers, and the ends comes with a few free week.“

The angel walked slowly around the model of care: “The Material is too soft,” he sighed. “But tough,” said the love God. “You can’t believe what it can withstand everything!” “Can you think of?” – “Not only think, but also judgments and compromise,” said the love God. Finally, the angel bent over and ran a Finger over the cheek of the model. “There’s a leak,” he says: “I have told you, Yes, you are trying too much in the model grab.” “That’s not a leak, that’s a tear!” – “What’s that for?” “She flows in the joy, sorrow, disappointment, pain and abandonment,” said the love God pensive, “the tear, the tear is the overflow valve.

Author: Unknown