gastric disorders

A rumbling, pinching, poking, or stabbing, and usually Nausea or massive bloating… stomach complaints can be very diverse and, above all, she takes everyone differently. The causes of stomach ailments can be caused by microorganisms, various intolerances, and often by Stress – General abdominal pain can range from seemingly harmless gas and bloating to life-threatening “intestinal obstruction”. In General, a physician should be consulted to get not only a medical Declaration, but also the abdominal (belly = Abdomen) pain “” to identify.

Because of the complaints as already very mentioned stomach can be rich, requires the physician to the diagnosis of, among other things, the following information, which is solved by the classical Ask and Investigate to determine: the onset of pain, strength Pain, as well as the charisma of the possible pain, hardness or the pressing of the abdomen, if necessary, the pain triggers, and what influences to bring the complaints such as diarrhoea, Nausea, and for women, the rule dependency (Menstruation), etc.

To combat the causes, or to provide relief to the healing of the there are in medicine many different medicines, but also natural solutions such as weight reduction or the avoidance of stressful situations by cures, the change of employer, etc.

Looking at the complaints of the stomach, which lead through natural means of relief, you need to be healing, antibiotics and co. Even if many means are known, you should take medication without the consent of your doctor! By minimal incompatibility due to medications can cause his body to great harm. It is not in vain: “For risks and side effects ask your doctor or pharmacist”!