From practice to theory: The profession a better Reputation fight


In the nursing profession every day, there may be other interesting situations. Some are even bizarre. And of course, the layer service is sometimes a nuisance. Nevertheless, The certainty of my patients to help you in your personal life, was always a very good feeling. On top of that, the medical Background is absolutely exciting. And also the shift work has its advantages: – Free days in the week. To getaways by four or five days off at a stretch, without holidays. Sleep before the late service. Early in the afternoon after the morning service, in the summer at the Elbe river, when other have to sweat in the office. All reasons why I would recommend the nursing profession. In my current Position I do not enjoy these benefits.

After I worked for four years on a General surgical ward, for a further three years on an interdisciplinary and a year on a neurological intensive care unit as a nurse, I began a course of study in nursing development and Management.

New angle of view in the study

Before my studies I thought that nursing science is completely uninteresting. In professional life I quickly took the opinion of my more experienced colleagues: science is not in the nursing practice. During my studies I was offered a different angle. I realized in the first Semester that the nursing science is very interesting and an important part in the practical care. You not only lived simply in Germany. In other countries, however, the mutual Transfer of science and practice works very well.

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After my Bachelor’s degree, the question to stand, finally, in which direction my career would develop. Many different options were available for selection. I decided for the time being against a career in nursing research and nursing development. The reason the Patient was simple:. I was concerned that I would be missing work in direct patient care.

That’s why I chose the field of care management. I took a job as a station line to an interdisciplinary intensive care unit. The combination of management tasks and patient care was, for me, a good Chance of the professional re-start. For me, it was in this Position it is still possible to have a certain amount of direct contact to the patient.

Exchange in the care, development

After just one year in this Position, I had the good fortune to be able to take a further step on the career ladder. I was able to convince in the application process for the position of care coordinator at Asklepios Klinik Altona (AKA). Now I work in the care development. In addition, I get a lot of insight into the personnel management.

I have a very lively field in my new Position. Even if I am no longer with the care at the patient’s bedside entrusted, thrilled me to my new Position. Particularly the facilitation of Workshops and working groups, in which I can, together with the experts from the direct care bring to the care of technical issues in the clinic ahead, make fun for me. Here I have the opportunity to transfer nursing science in the practice. I hope that through my work along with all the great, dedicated health and nurses a small part of helping to give the care in Germany have a better Reputation. This profession is, it is in fact value!

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