Friend biker, fits you properly !

Ami motard, chausse toi correctement !

It has been 20 years that I ride a motorcycle, I never anything happened” .

This is what he has been able to tell me in my box of traumato. It was in two-wheel and had an accident this Sunday. Travelling at 50 km/h he could not avoid the car and his foot was pinned between the motorcycle and the bumper of the car.

Yes, but it was simple sneakers. However, he said he is old biker… So why roll in basketball and polo ? Probably because it is summer, it is hot. Your wife and your children are worried now. And yet, you are lucky, lucky that in 20 years he didn’t do anything happened, and lucky to finally have “so little” of injury.

After making a radio of the foot and unwrapped the bandage of fire, one can find a foot part of which is shredded and only a broken 3 metatarsals. It will go to the block.

Ami motard, chausse toi correctement !