financing of the 3 year nursing training ?!

On 8. July has been extended, the black-yellow majority in the Bundestag, the “employment promotion law” waved on through without the 3-year funding of retraining for nursing jobs through the Federal employment Agency. The “tiger ducks” ignored the matching opposite of the recommendations of the trade unions, professional and social associations, opposition parties and the Federal Council. The promotion of the care professions (Geriatric and nursing) therefore expires in December 2010. For us caregivers, this is not a promotion of employment law but, rather, the employment prevention act. Clearly a lack of interest in our Federal government can’t be taught…

Through the promotion of retraining for the unemployed in a nursing profession not only worked positively against the shortage of skilled workers, but gave these people a new hope to our still soooo huge job market. In 2009, 14.200 people had successfully completed an Agency-funded training / retraining for the care of the elderly. Half of these people previously obtained resin IV!

A reduction in the funding from 3 to 2 years of funding (2006 to 2008), was formerly for a dramatic decline in training places in the old care. How would like to be our government later maintained, if they are “old”? Not at all ? You should do everything alone. Also, if this should be in the hospital. Once ALL the nurses are on strike should, in the hope of a sign or a meaningful lesson / to be able to miss…

Who’s in ? Or, what it could mean to change You, as something positive (ver)?

Maybe we should “to” revolutionise healthcare ?