ESI, wake up ! Go out, show !

ESI, réveillez-vous ! Sortez, manifestez !

 The time has come. Following the suspension of placements in the facilities of the Private Hospital Federation (FPH) for graduate nursing students from the 1st march, the anger is rising. It is time for you to shout it in the street.

I call IFSI, health care professional and all nursing students gave out and walk in the street. Put on your white coats and dare to make the greatest manifestation that he has been seen in the business.

Courses deleted, untrained students

While the meeting of yesterday, February 25, 2014, the executive committee of the FHP and the department of health gave nothing to the views of the responses to be inadequate, the threat not to accommodate students remains relevant. That is to blow campaign tariff not satisfactory or the absence of a precise guarantee, the nursing students will remain private of course.

The first demonstrations took place. February 24, 2014, at Niort, the students gathered in front of their IFSI, to Towers that are 400 students marching in the streets. Nursing students in Lyon have organized a massive human chain in front of the private hospital Natecia.

Support has been announced by all of the directors of IFSI who do their utmost to “recaser” the students for whom the course has been deleted, but also by the Federation of the Establishments in the Hospital and Help to the Person in private not-for-profit (FEHAP) who have made a call to all of their facilities to make sure to accommodate the most of the trainee nurses in their structure. the FHF also calls on its institutions to open its doors to the students (thank you, public service).

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Despite the fact that the FNESI was received on 18 February at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, it follows that the Department is not in a capacity currently to provide with the application any internships. Basically, you have been taken hostage by a federation, and there’s nothing we can do.

From 1 march, thousands of students, who will be without an apprenticeship and thus taken hostage. Many of them will be graduating 5 months after, then how to do ? This blackmail, which proves the esteem pitiful made to our profession by the FHP is the gun of the wake-up nurse. Don’t become a hostage, express yourself and don’t give up ! Set a date national and go out on the street. IFSI, close your doors on this day and call your students to go out into the street. The students are to be trained and not to be used as a martyrdom by a federation.