Emergencies saturated ?

As the end of each year, we expect a wave of patients arriving to the emergency room… But especially this year during the Christmas holidays. With the strike of the physicians, and emergency physicians (which eventually stopped on Tuesday), all the world should, therefore, give an appointment to the nearest emergency room for treatment of stomach pain that lasts for a week.

So how it happened from my side ?

On the 24th of December was a relatively quiet day for my part, I must admit. It is thought that the effect “be careful, don’t go to the er for nothing, but in the case of a life-threatening emergency” was followed by the whole population. Then everyone prepares their new year’s eve…

On the 25th of December begins to make itself felt. The phone does not stop ringing and the crowd increases. Many do not hesitate to call to ask if they can come to the emergency room because her doctor’s strike. Then of course, call before it is well but to say ” there are people in the er ? No, because if there is in the world I d√©brouillerais otherwise”, it is a bit exaggerated. Especially that behind this wants to say “No, but I do not want to make me le to wait then I’ll take a dafalgan and drink a tea for my tummy that hurts” or ” I’ll call the emergency room of the nearby hospital to see if there are in the world…”. Moreover, many will come as a simple consultation, but raleront when the announcement of two hours of waiting for blood results is released. Sorry, but the city is 24 hours.

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The next day, emergencies, saturated…

The 26 December was therefore the day saturated… Black world, making the tail as early as 8 o’clock in the morning at the reception. I’ve only seen the tail at the corner store on the day of balances. And I would not tell you, of course, the hospital beds, not found. So between the traffic that comes to saturate the er, the care to be provided quickly and the phone does not stop ringing, we can still hear our minister of health, Marisol Touraine said that all is well and that the urgent needs of France are not saturated… She must know better than us.

Little thought to all the doctors, interns, nurses and aid-nurses during these Christmas holidays… I’m tempted to go pick up my gift at the foot of Marisol.