eat, Sleep & Sex – The difference between the sexes

I just found while Browsing on the website of the Medical Observers about an interesting study that I find really strong. I need to write something and, therefore, here is a summary of this wonderful study on the difference between men and women – at least when it comes to the daily thoughts of food, Sleep and Sex.

Essen, Schlafen & Sex – Der Unterschied zwischen den GeschlechternMen think about only one?

Not true, if you believe a new study. Men think to much and three of these things: Sex, food and Sleep. And exactly in this order. According to the study by Terri Fisher of the Ohio State University in Columbus, young men 19x thinking of making a day to the love. But also for other physical pleasures a lot of space in the head is because 18x per day is thought to eat. Sleep, of course, extremely important with so much physical exertion between Sex and digestion, is ranked with 11 thoughts per day on rank three.

Women think differently!

Okay, now this is no big news that women feel somehow different than men. And this is not meant to be to God for the sake of evil. So you might say, the study proves once more the difference between the sexes. Because – pay attention – young women think more about food than Sleeping. And no matter what Form of sleeping. Young women (the study was conducted with students between the ages of 18 and 25 years) allegedly 15x per day to eat. The other places of sexual intercourse (10x) and the recovery sleep (8.5 x).

This particular realization, I had to hold on in a very meaningful chart:

Essen, Schlafen & Sex – Der Unterschied zwischen den Geschlechtern

What I have, but for further questions: is the frequency of the thoughts, then you get the women to a lower value. What do women think so, because even so of the day? Diseases such as high blood pressure or allergies? Headache, would say evil tongues now, maybe. Or to the appointments that the man has in his head? (So it is, thank God with me.) Or the beautiful Pair of shoes from the shop window? However, women think simply of a broad range of. And guys are more concentrated at the thing. Whether these thoughts actually someday subside? I’m curious.

And what do you think so often of the day? I hope, however, to the care blogger ?