Dowsing, a science complementary medicine

The method of dowsing is not yet recognised as a medical science of our days, yet become more and more popular. Many patients seeking answers to their difficult disease to identify, look into a radiesthésiste for the benefit of his diagnosis.

What dowsing can bring to medicine

The practice of dowsing is far from unanimity within the medical profession. However, this science has repeatedly proven itself in particular with respect to the detection of diseased organs. In addition, the dowsing is not only simple and effective but also less expensive. For more information on this topic, click here

In the list of differential diagnosis of pathology difficult to identify, a radiesthésiste could make all the difference. Thanks to the use of the pendulum, it may indicate where could be the origin of the suffering of the patient. Of course, dowsing does not pretend to heal by offering the most appropriate treatment for a specific disease, but it may help to identify the body with.

Using the method of dowsing, it is then possible to increase the chances of having positive results compared to a disease which is difficult to discern. The practitioner using a pendulum or wand is able to detect a cancerous area, still possible to heal, well before a clinical examination regular.

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What the radiesthésiste began to discern a diseased organ

It is known that dowsing is based on the uptake of the vibrations emitted by objects, of living beings : humans, animals and plants. Among the accessories radiesthésiques used include the pendulum, wand or even a Lecher antenna which can be found in a shop dowsing.

In the context of a review conducted by a radiesthésiste, it uses a pendulum as he makes a walk at the level of different organs. Passing in front of the healthy organs, the pendulum has to oscillate and as soon as a diseased organ is near, she puts in contrast to girer. Detecting a cancerous part, or ulcerative, the pendulum rotates on itself by operating a rotational movement.

The slightest vibration of the pendulum is the carrier of information even the smallest on the state of a body even if it is still not very affected by the disease. A review dowsing is perfectly capable to detect a body that suffers in silence without the appearance of any symptom.

An excellent radiesthésiste is perfectly able to identify the cause of pain, a fracture or an organ that has been removed to a patient without being informed in advance. When you are planning to appeal to a radiesthésiste, it is necessary to be vigilant and, in particular, know how to differentiate a quack from a real professional.

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