donate blood – Save life!

If I was asked the question of how bone marrow donation works, should not be missing in my opinion is the “little brother”. That’s why I write today, a contribution to the favour of the blood donation.

How does a blood donation ?

As first-time donors will be asked first to fill out a questionnaire, in which, after possible diseases, you will be asked whether you take medication and / or whether you have met within the last few weeks, a new sexual partner and this may had unprotected intercourse.

You have completed the questionnaire, the data is integrated by a data entry clerk in a database and the questionnaire. After Collecting the data, it is first of all a blood sample to see if you can be approved as a donor or not. After the blood was taken from the sample, one is taught, if necessary, by a doctor about basic things: How often may I donate my blood, what if I have a new Partner, diseases, etc.

All the details have been clarified, you may be asked to lie on a lounger and asked which Arm blood taken from. The blood donation is always and only with Once-done materials! You get a “puncture” in the vein, anwelchem depends on a small tube, which directly leads to a blood bag. By doing as a donor with his Hand a fist and back pumps “loosen” the blood in the designated bag. The pumps, one should not exaggerate, however – so rather go a little slower and evenly (here I report from my own experience!).

How much blood is donated ?

The blood donation is about 500ml of blood are donated.

In addition, a few milliliters of blood samples and investigations.

According to the body forms blood ?

Yes, the body is already in a few hours / days the lost blood.

Right after the message of “blood loss” in the brain, the body begins to form in the blood so that enough blood can supply to the body. The blood loss is compensated through the following measures: circular normalization within about 30 minutes, and the fluid balance within 24 hours. It is important, therefore, to drink after each donation as much as possible!

What happens to my blood ?

Your blood donation blood are produced canned food with red blood cells (erythrocytes), blood platelets (thrombocytes) and the blood plasma. These 3 components form and comply with the main functions of the blood such as oxygen transport and blood clotting.

Modern procedures in the emergency, Intensive care. and cancer therapy require alone at the UK S-H occurred in the deployment of approximately 70,000 erythrocyte concentrate, the 40,000-frozen fresh plasmas, and about 8,000 platelet concentrates per year! (Source: UK S-H)

What is a blood donation causes ?

Since you can restore to today, still no real blood set, the blood donations so far, the only auxiliary means for people with severe blood loss due to, e.g. accidents, etc., hospitals as well as the recipients, etc. are instructed to feast on the blood donor.

A blood donation can save lives!

Who and how can they be blood donors ?

In General, every “healthy” person in the age from 18 to 68 years can be a blood donor. First time donors should not be older than 60, since the body can only get used to be late to the “blood loss” of about 500ml. After being checked thoroughly and has been solved (see first question) you are approved as a donor “”. You should, however, only then go for a blood donation, if you really feel fit and able.

A blood donation costs money ?

A blood donation costs the donor not one Cent! Quite the contrary: Many blood donation services have to compensate the donor with up to 25 GBP, and a nice Snack bar with sandwiches, coffee and co. Thus, it is not only a good thing, but also a small and nice addition to your income ?