Does epithelial tissue always have a free surface?

Does epithelial tissue always have a free surface?

What are the 5 general characteristics of epithelial tissue? Always has a free surface, underside of tissue is anchored to C.T. by basement membrane, lacks blood vessels, reproduces rapidly, tightly packed with little matrix. Lines alveoli, capillaries, blood vessels, and membranes that line body cavities.

What does epithelial tissue contain?

Epithelial tissue is composed of cells laid out in sheets with strong cell-to-cell attachments. These protein connections hold the cells together to form a tightly connected layer that is avascular but innervated in nature.

What are the characteristics of epithelial tissue?

Characteristics of Epithelial Tissues

  • Covers and lines body surfaces.
  • Cells are densely packed together with minimal amount of intercellular substance.
  • Cells are firmly attached by intercellular junctions.
  • Cells rest on a basement membrane partly derived from underlying connective tissue.

What is the lower surface of epithelial tissue called?

basal surface lower part of epithelium that is anchored to a thin, nonliving layer called the basement membrane.

What are the four types of fibrous connective tissue?

They have very conspicuous fibres hence the name fibrous connective tissues.

  • Fibrous connective tissue.
  • Classification of fibrous connective tissue.
  • Areolar tissue.
  • Reticular tissue.
  • Adipose Tissue.
  • Dense regular connective tissue.
  • Dense irregular connective tissue.

What is the function of subcutaneous tissue?

It’s made up mostly of fat cells and connective tissue. The majority of your body fat is stored here. The subcutaneous layer acts as a layer of insulation to protect your internal organs and muscles from shock and changes in temperature. It also provides your body with an energy reserve.

Is skin connective or epithelial tissue?

For example, the skin is composed of a layer of epithelial tissue (epidermis) that is supported by a layer of connective tissue. It protects the internal structures of the body from damage and dehydration.

What is the difference between keratin and melanin?

Hi, both keratin and melanin are important in the skin, but have different roles. The keratin is basically tough, and helps keep the skin nice and tough so it can cope with all the bumps it gets all the time. Melanin on the other hand helps protect your skin from radiation damage (like sunlight).

What is the difference between dermis and Hypodermis?

The dermis contains hair roots, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerves, and blood vessels. The hypodermis lies below the dermis and contains a protective layer of fat.