Doctors and nurses: Together we are strong!

Again and again we hear that the collaboration between Physicians and nurses works so well, not at eye level runs out – as they say. This is supposed to be one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction in the nursing profession. But it’s also different!

If both sides do it only once, to each other and to be treated with respect, you can achieve fantastic things together. For example, I have revolutionized in the context of my first studies for the Intensive Care Practitioner at the Steinbeis University in Berlin, together with a medical colleague, our inner-clinical emergency response system. This means that we are now not just a resuscitation team, but a concept to implement the special Monitoring of high-risk patients to adopt a normal station in order to avoid serious complications. We now work primarily in a preventive and in this way prevent a lot of unnecessary Revives.

“This is crazy, what is possible!”

We have reported in trade journals, with a summary for example, there are here . We were certainly one of the first in Germany that have done this and have become quite popular. Actually amazing, as this is required by the ERC (European Resuscitation Council) for over ten years. In our presentations at conferences, Lectures, and in the context of courses in the specialist training in anesthesia and intensive care, we hear time and again, this is not the same in terms of personnel. This is nonsense, it always works out somehow. You might have to pass also the care workers more trust and responsibility. The runs and leads all to the realization: “this is crazy, what is possible!”

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Multiple views leads to good results

We just have to learn to finally accept that every Profession has its own way of looking at things and the lead together. Then, a surprisingly good result comes out of it. This works a bit like in mathematics. Since our first joint project, we have designed some other actions and training of a Team of nurses and Doctors. The was always super.

Without conceit and without fear

There are all these “innovative thinkers”, which carry the interdisciplinarity in the head. Without conceit, and fear of loss of Competence. The would look you in the Team and then, together with a project to start the move. You will see the work and fun and on top of that, it makes satisfied!

Photo: Andreas Schäfer