do You want the tv ?

You have probably noticed, in the hospital, the tv has become a luxury. At the same time the tv is evil ! Yes but this evil, what is this relaxes and occupies us during these hours, these days see these weeks stuck in his hospital room.

Rent your tv !

Good why I have come to speak of it ? Because I find that the companies that manage the rental, in-hospital (after I know that, I admit) are much money as it takes, but please have a look commercial in an environment where they have in front of them patients and not customers. Patient means that the person is not well, sad, in need of a smile, to heal… Then see she landed a commercial in his room to ask for money, just arrived in service, the fact that way.

After, it must be work of the companies ‘ employees, it made the job it is. But it is necessary to think also that these people are involved in hospitals ! Not in a hotel or other. There are hospitals that are more simple, if you want tv you the signals and you will leave paid at the level of admissions, if you don’t want to, nobody will come to you piss off. I don’t know how this happens for you, but I’ll tell you how it is in my service. As a reminder, I am in a service of follow-up care in cancer, therefore, of serious diseases.

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You want tv, you want it ?

The flat is managed by an outside company rental. A person, saleswoman, commercial, other, comes each weekday morning around 8: 30 am to turn in the rooms to ask the new kid if he wants the tv or asked the other to pay his week. Good post, it’s his job… Except that the years pass and I get the impression that his behavior is changing… the More the time advance, the more humanity, and the gaze fixed on the patient disappears. Not now, it is the payment account. You enter the room, ask the sub. If no payment, the television cut off and the remote control confiscated. The most shocking to me, and the speech focused on the patient… yelling like a kid, or point the finger as if it was a thief. ALLO ! It is patients crap !

And the last anecdote in date is that of my patient, who suffers from a cancer, which unfortunately is not responding to the treatment, is seen happened in the service, and to request the television. No luck, the next day it is transferred to an acute problem. He will be hospitalized for a week and will be back in our service thereafter. His condition deteriorated, he will remain lying in his bed, tired and perfused. Having a hard time sometimes to respond or react, a place is sought in the palliative care unit. Yes, but this patient coming back a few days after, had kept his remote in his room before being transferred. Therefore, in returning, he had again access to the television and looks at it… the Only occupation he has.

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The next day, Mrs. TV arrives and enters his room to him “, asking “politely” the reason for which he had a remote control, why his tv was on then that he had not paid, etc etc… Poor patient who was 8am in the morning, tired by his own illness, did not have the strength to respond to his requests. And she did not have the strength to wait for a response on his part or even to the limit we ask for an explanation, turn off the tv and take the remote control as a kid that it punishes after a mistake. And which family will she see the afternoon when she will come visit him and ask for clarification on the fact that he has removed the television ? It is the nurse of course !

So here I take my cape of usher to find the facts, of lawyer to defend the hospital and the service does not manage the contracts tv directly with a patient, a pastor, to listen quietly without saying anything the nervousness of the girl, support for typing on it because of the stupidity of another person, etc etc…

I understand the anger of the family, myself I am angry at this ” seller “. More respect towards the patients, just clients… After all 35 euros for two weeks, 45 euros for 3 weeks, 63 for 1 month of tv multiplied by the number of patients, multiplied by the number of hospital/clinic/center, it rotates the head !

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So I changed my cape and took one of the nurses avenger masked by providing a remote control that I have been stung in the closet, technician Darty in him turning on the tv and cachottier in asking him not to say what I did… I will be there the next day to resume quietly the remote control before the “seller” comes in and I explain to myself that he wants the television and that his family can pay ! Everything back in order by the following…