do you Know the Paleo diet ?

Popularized in France in the early 2000s, the paleo diet is based on a simple principle : eat like our Prehistoric ancestors, the hunter-gatherers. But what exactly is it of this power, intended to preserve the health and well-being ?

The principles of the paleo diet

Eating paleo is eating like the first humans. This type of diet has been given the honor in 1985 by an american physician, dr. S. Boyd Eaton. It is, according to him, to fill our nutritional needs depending on our genes, which are not adapted to the way of eating today. As at 0.02 %, we have the same genoa that our ancestors of the stone age, the diet of these early men is ideal for us. It is thus necessary to ban industrial foods, processed foods, to make room for healthful products, mainly fruits, vegetables and meat.

Foods banned and permitted

The food component of this diet are : lean meats like poultry and veal ; fish and seafood, with the exception of those of animal husbandry ; eggs ; fruits and vegetables ; seeds like sesame and flax. The products must primarily be eaten raw.

Certain foods should be eaten in moderation. It comes to cold-pressed oils, avocado, exciting drinks and alcohol and dried fruits.

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Dairy products and cereal are completely removed, as any processed product, canned food, salt, fatty meats, refined sugar and soft drinks.

The objectives of the paleo diet

The paleo diet is different from traditional diets in the sense that its purpose is not exclusively the weight loss ; the goal goes well beyond that, to be a real way of life. If it allows a rebalancing of food by banishing excess, and food that is too rich, this will allow to find a lasting its balance weight and losing waist size, it also has for objective a better fitness and prevention of some diseases.

Indeed, with the emphasis on a healthier diet, it is a better quality of sleep, a healthy skin and glossy hair of beauty, healthier teeth and a general feeling of well-being. Eating paleo removes the foods heavy, industrial, harmful. This diet aims to prevent many chronic diseases : hypertension, type II diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and digestive problems some cancers that are scourges of modern.