do You expect I’m dead ?

On this day, this man screams, shouts, growing impatient with the truth. He comes because he complains of pain in the chest.

At the reception, it will be seen quickly (less than 10 minutes and saw the crowd, that is). Well anyway, it’s been several days that he was hurt but was expected. Great classic then it’s worrying, therefore, he comes to the emergency room. The doctor of the city shall probably not know how to manage, and then now it is too late !

In any case, the registration is made, the waiting time of 10 minutes is past, and he sees a nurse home. Ah damn, this is not the doctor ? Not yet, the never be repeated often enough.

She tries to learn more about these pains (description, time, nature, effort or not, spontaneous, radiating, etc). Great classic interrogation, the chest pain is avoided. And then constants, and finally an ECG (electrocardiogram) that will look at whether or not there is an abnormality on the cardiac activity. This ECG will then be read (and therefore validated) by a physician senior.

In his case, there is nothing. Nothing wrong with it (what a pain in the chest that is normal then ? I did not say this either).

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It is therefore installed in the area of care, where all doctors and paramed, where it runs around in a hubbub of hell. We see her cheeks bulging, and then hear the “pfff” associated with it. Yes, there’s a world. He is impatient but not too long. He will ask once in how much time it passes, then two. It will not find it normal. He explains, without success. It will eventually go away and then return. Yes the first release, nobody saw it. He comes back and says out loud that he will go ! Like when you scream on your child, and that at the end of your sentence you let go of a : “or else… “

We take the time to once again ask him what is wrong, it is the long time and threatens to leave. We told him that if he wants to leave, he can. WHAT ? No, but you are an adult, it is your health eh. And then in true, we have seen via your constants, examination, and ECG that you’re not going to make a stop immediately.

Inevitably, when you swing it, you take it head full. It will leave a second time, and will return to make a hullabaloo. He saw that he had more of an audience than the first time this time.

– ” You splash, you take me not, I die immediately ! I have a heart attack and nobody does anything ! “.

So no, having a chest pain does not make you a person who is having a heart attack. And then, we have already done a first scan with the questioning, the constant and the ECG done by a TRAINED personnel.

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It is then left when I told him that any way, he would have a blood test but the results will only be available in two hours (boo the villains biologists !).