Do the 15 ! Not the emergency room.

Faites le 15 ! Pas les urgences.

No, but the 15, this is not an emergency ? No, this is for emergencies !

It is not easy to understand where one is coming then I’m going to try to explain to you. When you have an emergency, a problem asking for help, a doctor, relief, it must be the 15. You know, without a doubt.

But did you know that you can do the 15 to ask for a medical opinion ? In fact, if you have a question as to what to do in front of your sick child or you know if you what you have on the moment to justify a passage to the emergency room, you have the opportunity to ask the doctor 15 what to do. Well, do the thinking before because already that the lines may be saturated, we will not seek to saturate the lines by asking questions such as ” my nose is running, what to do ? “. You have your treating doctor for this.

Similarly, do not call the emergency department of your city ! How many calls I get asking me ” J‘ai a question, I have to take medication but I have no symptoms, what to do ?” . Or even ” I would like to talk to a doctor, spend me” . Or ” I’m in pain since 3 days, I have to come ?” . Ask the 15 ! It is responsible to the emergency room, they answer the phone, but we really don’t have the time to respond to this kind of questions or take the time to explain something so that our patients expect. So I know that you don’t know what to do, sometimes you are stressed, this is normal. Precisely, now you know what to do : the 15. For emergencies, we do not give medical advice by phone. (At 15, the calls are recorded, not for us.)

Oh, I also took the opportunity to say to those who call every day asking me ” There’s a world emergency ? No, because if there’s too much expectations, I will come back tomorrow” . Honestly, I have to hear it every day. 1/ If you plan to return the next day, so this is not an emergency. But you can go see your doctor the next day. 2/ We will never respond if there are waiting or not. We take people according to their degree of emergency and not their order of arrival. I réexpliquerai the sort to the er in a next article.