Do archaea and bacteria have a nuclear membrane?

Do archaea and bacteria have a nuclear membrane?

Prokaryotes (domains Archaea and Bacteria) are single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus. They have a single piece of circular DNA in the nucleoid area of the cell. Some archaeal membranes are lipid monolayers instead of bilayers. The cell wall is located outside the cell membrane and prevents osmotic lysis.

What characteristic is shared by bacteria and archaea but not by eukaryotes?

Archaea and bacterial cells lack organelles or other internal membrane-bound structures. Therefore, unlike eukaryotes, archaea and bacteria do not have a nucleus separating their genetic material from the rest of the cell.

Which characteristics are common to at least some archaea and bacteria?

Archaea species share common characteristics such as shape and metabolism, and they can reproduce via binary fission just like bacteria. Horizontal gene transfer is common, however, and archaea cells may take up plasmids containing DNA from their environment or exchange DNA with other cells.

What are the merits and demerits of two kingdom classification?

1) Plants and animals were divided into two kingdoms not abruptly but based upon specific characters. 2) It initiated systematic methods to classify the living organisms. More and more characters were, later, taken into consideration for development of better methods

What was the disadvantage of the two kingdom system?

Drawback of two-kingdom classification The plants comprised of photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic species. Fungi, that feed on dead organic matter, were placed under photosynthetic plants. There was another class of classification needed were the organisms with the same characteristics were clubbed into one kingdom.

Why was the two kingdom classification system rejected?

This classification was not appropriate because The Two Kingdom System groups together the organisms with true nucleus as eukaryotes and without true nucleus as prokaryotes. The placement of certain organisms into Two Kingdoms became difficult

Why did the two kingdom classification fail?

there is a failure of two kingdom classification system because: some plants that do not have the characteristics of plants and as well as of animals are not separated. some animals having different characteristics are often categorised in one category. the cytological characteristics are not taken into consideration