dietary supplements: calcium increases heart attack risk in men

Vitamins, minerals, herbal substances, food supplements are all the rage. In a world in which ever more power is required, suggests to us that the advertising that we can increase our performance only through supplements and at the same time stay fit and healthy. An international study in the “British Medical Journal” published, has now once again confirmed what consumer advocates and medical experts suggest for a long time: dietary supplements are harmful and lead in the worst case, to death.

In a study with more than 388.000 men and women, the effect of calcium was tested. Calcium, which every child knows, is in the milk makes strong bones. And in fact, very little works in our body without calcium – in addition to bones, teeth and muscles calcium also plays in the blood coagulation, a key role and is important for nerve and heart, lung and kidney function. However, this only affects the absorption of calcium through the food – so with a regulated consumption. Excess calcium load on the cardiovascular System and may be attacks triggers of heart, in the worst case, fatal.

Cardiovascular disease: men are more often affected than women

The results of the study show, that men, in particular, to take an increased dose of calcium through dietary supplements, can suffer a heart attack. Women, however, are not less at risk.

More than 7900 men and about 3,900 women in cardiovascular died in the period of the study diseases. With over 50 percent of men and approximately 70 percent of women calcium-containing Supplement revenue. In men the risk of dying from the disease rose to 20 percent, if these revenues daily, a gram of calcium in addition.

An explanation for the different effects in men and women so far, unfortunately. A guess is, that women much earlier start calcium in addition to food and, thus, a kind of regulatory setting effect in the body. This has the effect that a dietary Supplement has no negative effects on the body impact. Men, however, begin only at the age of calcium, or other preparations. The regulating effect of the body is missing and the risk of heart attack increases.

Stay away from dietary supplements

Nevertheless, this confirms the assumptions of medical professionals: dietary supplements are not only unnecessary, but harmful! Who wants to eat a healthy mixed diet, requires no additional preparations in order to be healthy.

In other studies, it was found that allergic reactions to individual ingredients, interactions with medications, or Overdose can impact harmful to health.

If in doubt whether it is sufficiently supplied with minerals and vitamins, it is advisable to have a conversation with the doctor. By means of a blood examination, any deficiency can be detected phenomena. Without medical advice, however, should be on a dietary Supplement waived.