diet in advanced age

Diät im fortgeschrittenen AlterNot only young people dream of a great figure, too many seniors wish even in old age, a slender and athletic body. However, those who want to lose weight with over 60 years of age and his diet habits should not do this without medical advice. To strict diets could have a harmful impact on health.

Supply and muscle loss due to diets

Among the biggest problems in the diets of the muscle wasting and the under-supply of important nutrients for seniors. Supported by a less active lifestyle, older people are often a loss of muscle mass, to observe the impact in everyday life, negative impact on quality of life. Falls or fractures are often the result of a lack of muscle strength in old age. Will now be held in addition to a diet and the nutrient intake is reduced, the elderly – as desired – weight, but also muscle mass. This is in addition damaging to the joints and bones, which are supported normally by the muscle work.

Radical diets or sudden fast-days, which have a fast weight loss goal, it can also lead to an under-supply. In the context of a diet may be important nutrients will not be absorbed sufficiently, and including the whole physical condition suffers. Studies show that, for example, in the case of women, often follow a diet plan, a decrease in the density of the hipbone. In addition, it could be shown in men, that is to be feared in the case of a rapid decrease of several kilograms of a damage to the cardiovascular system.

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Lose weight with Sport, healthy eating and patience

Diät im fortgeschrittenen AlterWho wants to lose at an advanced age a few extra pounds, you should let a doctor or dietitian, an individual nutrition and exercise plan to create. Alternatively, also offer Online providers such as Dukan (have a Protein diet in the Portfolio) is a personal advice. The American Physiological Society has found in a study that a diet alone in the long term, to the desired, healthy weight. Only regular endurance training in conjunction with a moderate calorie reduction of about 10 percent for the hoped for success without the Yo-Yo effect.

Who was not in the mood for endurance sports, which can prevent muscle loss by strength training. Two light workouts per week will suffice to get the muscles and the joints to spare, and Rush to prevent.

Important is always on the individual needs and abilities. With the radical change in Diet and excessive Training is harmful to your health more than it helps her. A balanced diet ensures adequate supply of essential nutrients and the additional movement increases the calorie consumption and strengthens the muscles. There is nothing in the dream a figure with over 60 years in the way.

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